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Funny Old People Birthday Candle

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Great gift to make anyone laugh. It's so weird being the same age as old people candle. A beautiful personalized handwritten card can be added to make your gift even more special. Scent descriptions are below. Card picked at random.

Apples & Bourbon is a strong Apple scent with a touch of sweet Maple & notes of Bourbon.

Black Raspberry Vanilla is a sweet Raspberry & Vanilla blend that is a customer favorite with a strong scent.

Baxter is a warm blend of Bergamot, Mahogany and Musk for a beautiful earthy scent.

Butt Naked is a fruity blend that combines Green Apples, Pear, Honeydew Melon and Strawberries with light accents of Cherry for a sweet and strong summer scent.

Sandalwood & Suede is a unique scent with rich Dark Chocolate, Cedar, & Suede mixed with Jasmine, Woods, Amber & Velvet Musk.

Sun Wasehd Citrus is a crisp lemon, Citron, Agave, and Musk create this soothing and refreshing scent.